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Media Talk - Getting Your Message Across

Writing and Editorial Services

The printed word—whether a
brochure, newsletter, bylined article,
or speech—should capture your image
and convey a clear, focused message.

Brochures – Recycled or glossy, informative or entertaining, your brochure is a compact, focused communications tool designed to meet your goals.

Speeches and Presentations – Your speech or presentation should convey your ideas in simple, clear language and relevant visuals

Corporate Information Kit – A successful public information campaign can mean the difference between success and failure. Organizations need to communicate externally to industry peers and the public, and internally to keep employees informed and committed to your goals.

Bylined Articles – Professionally written articles and op-eds position your organization’s principles as industry leaders and experts, and increase corporate visibility

Newsletters – When it’s an information-packed reflection of your organization’s style and mission, your newsletter is a powerful communications resource for employees, clients, and industry peers.

Annual reports – More than a financial statement, your annual report reflects your company’s goals, achievements and style. All aspects of editorial and creative production are coordinated to meet your deadline and budget requirements.

Media Kit – A well-organized media kit that includes press releases, backgrounders, and corporate information gets your message out to busy reporters and editors.

Crisis Communications

It happens fast, it’s unexpected,
and it could be devastating.
You’ve got a crisis to manage.

To keep a crisis from becoming a public relations disaster, you need proactive strategies that put you in control. Quick, decisive and effective action is essential. Details and foresight make the difference between solid crisis management and a situation that’s out of control. A well-developed media relations plan, convincing press statements and information kits, and credible spokespeople will help you to get and stay on top of a crisis, and minimize negative results.

Issue Management

Whether “flavor-of-the-day”
or constant undercurrents,
tough issues often have
high emotional appeal.

Some flare up fast and die quickly. Others are daily concerns. Industry spokespeople who can identify tough issues and develop presentation skills to build credibility with a demanding public and skeptical media are your best defense.

Media Relations

Whether actively sought or avoided,
media attention is inevitable
for many organizations.

Often organizations unprepared for media attention are reactive when reporters call.
But proactive media management creates opportunities to get good news coverage
by developing strategies that don’t shut the media out and that help you deliver a positive message.

Media Talk - Getting Your Message Across

Strategic Planning

Smart organizations use
strategic communications planning
to help them meet their goals.

The success of any organization depends on target audience awareness of their products and services, and public opinion on the issues that affect them.

How can you position your
organization as a leader?

Strategic communications planning is a key to influencing public opinion and increasing your competitive edge. It helps you to develop and deliver credible messages to media, employees, and the public, and to influence government and industry policy.

Through strategic planning, you can:

  • get your message across
  • target the right audience
  • set communications objectives
  • build a positive image
  • increase public profile
  • develop effective advertising campaigns
  • use the media to your advantage
  • set a realistic communications budget