Do you have a pressing deadline, a project due yesterday, or a client impatiently waiting for a proposal-and no one to do the work? With the current economic trend towards downsizing, few companies can afford to keep full-time writers on staff. And, as plenty of companies have learned the hard way, writing is a specialized skill. Assuming you can get one of your staff to "scribble a few words" as an add-on to their own job is risky business!

Fortunately, the solution-a professional freelance writer who handles specific writing assignments-is just a phone call or email away.

What are the benefits to you, the client?

  1. You and your staff have time to concentrate on what you do best, while leaving the task of writing to a professional. You make all the edits and changes you want without spending your valuable time on endless rewrites.

  2. Your costs are minimized. You only pay for a freelance writer when you need one. You don't pay for holidays, sick leave, medical insurance, retirement benefits and all the other extras you pay your full-time staff.

  3. Your projects are completed on time and on budget.

  4. Writing is a professional skill. Using a freelance writer means you eliminate spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and other embarrassing gaffes in annual reports, brochures, or letters to major clients that detract from your professional image.

  5. Your freelance writer has the skills to handle complex research and fact-checking that you don't have the time to do.

  6. Your freelance writer knows how to write copy that sells, convinces, motivates, or inspires-in other words, copy that meets your needs, or the needs of picky, overworked editors.

  7. If it's a speech or a presentation you need, your freelance writer will tailor your words to match your personality, your audience, the occasion and the image you want to project.