Media Talk
Getting Your Message Across

Why Talk to the Media?

A media interview is an opportunity to reach an audience no paid advertising could match.

Are you at ease with the media?
Let us help you learn skills to communicate effectively with reporters and avoid errors that could embarrass you and your organization.

The goal of every interview
is to get your message across.

  • Got the Message?

  • The key to getting good media coverage is your ability to send a clear message.
  • What, When, Who, Where, Why?

  • Your message must answer a reporterís most basic questions.
  • The One-Minute Solution

  • Learn to handle tough questions in one solid minute of focused information.
  • Media Mystique

  • Reporters. Who are they? What are they after? Understanding their job will help you to give them what they want, and get what you need.
  • Negotiating on Your Terms

  • You have the right to ask about the reporterís angle and how your quotes will be used. Knowing what to ask will help you get the results you want.
  • Is the Medium the Message?

  • Each medium has pros and cons. Learn how to use each one to get optimal results.
  • No Comment ... Itís Off the Record ... Just Keep Talking While I Write ...

  • ... and other reporter tricks and traps to avoid.
  • What If They Ask ...

  • Tapes and cameras are rolling. You canít run away. But you can turn tough questions into opportunities to get your message across.
  • Packaging Your Story

  • Knowing what reporters and editors want will help you to produce press releases and media
    kits they will use.
  • Reporter Rapport

  • Getting good coverage for your story means working with reporters who cover your beat.
  • Proactive vs. Reactive

  • Fast-breaking, controversial stories are magnets for media coverage. But what
    about attracting press for good news or human interest stories?
  • Target Your Medium

  • You may have a great story, but it wonít be a winner if you target the wrong media or if you
    donít know your audience.
  • Damage Control

  • It happens fast, itís unexpected, and it can be devastating. In a full-blown crisis, your reaction must be quick, decisive and effective to win credibility and keep the situation from escalating.

    Preparation is the Key

  • What is my message?
  • Who is my target audience?
  • How will my quotes be used?
  • What is the reporterís angle?

  • Knowing what to ask before the interview will help
    you to build strong answers that convey your message.

    Being at ease with reporters...
    getting your message across...
    are major goals for anyone who talks to reporters.

    By structuring effective messages, you control the interview.

    Media Talk programs are
    designed to meet
    your needs,
    your experience,
    your demanding schedule. Two-day, one-day, half-day,
    or two-hour sessions
    are available.